One Star Reviews Can Seriously Hurt Your Business.

We see it all the time – clients have a great thing going on. Great business, killer product, incredible customer service. But then those one-star reviews kick in, and business starts to slow. OR, businesses find their customers are moving on or making different choices in retail/in providers because of the review.

Here’s the thing: Your reviews give customers an idea of how well you can be trusted.

Recently, a friend/colleague of ours running a side t-shirt business had some turnover.

Our colleague restructured the business and took a large loan from an older family member, making him a stakeholder in the business. During the restructure, this business let their administrative and customer support staff go. So higher, ‘executive level’ people in the organization were taking care of customer service leads.

Because of the turnover, a customer who was promised a refund never received it. This customer came back and published a one-star review about the business on Facebook, citing the company’s refusal to provide a refund.

THIS is where we can stop time. At this point, it would have been great if the company just processed the refund. Or at the very least, taken the conversation offline by posting a reply – something like, “Customer xyz, thanks so much for your email and I’m so sorry about this miscommunication! We’ll email you/call right now.”

When it comes to dealing with negative reviews, THIS IS RULE NUMBER ONE: TAKE A DIFFICULT CONVERSATION OFFLINE. Don’t give a customer any reason to keep that negative drama on the internet. The reason you do this is because you want to prevent an angry customer from starting a dogfight with you online that you can’t delete – which is the case with Facebook reviews.

So take it offline.

To continue our story – unfortunately, rather than syncing up on this customer, the older family member (read: not too versed in Facebook or FB marketing) hopped on and began to defend the company as if he were another customer. Unfortunately, the name of the company members were in plain view on the website and Facebook, so the angry customer knew that this company representative was trying to boonswaggle them pretty much right away. To make matters worse, several other family members jumped in and left five star reviews to try and bury the one star review.

So what did the angry customer do?

She called in her friends.

Oh man. It was a bloodbath.

So ruminating on this situation, I made the decision to start offering reputation management services. I have a killer little tool that lets you reach out to customers directly after they do business with you. If they give you a positive review, we populate it on all the existing review sites. If the review is negative, we don’t post the review – we allow you an opportunity to interface with the customer to fix any potential issues.

If it sounds awesome, that’s because it is. So let’s see how it works for you!

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