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Even if you just need a refresh, SiteKitty Digital can help you.
Your website is the public face of your business. All the same standards you hold to a brick and mortar store should apply to your website.
Does your site look great?
Does it accurately represent your business (and not you personally? Remember, your site is your business, not you!)
Does it lead your customers directly to what they’re looking for and what they want to buy?
We create your website based on your business’ strengths and what you offer clients. Additionally, our web design will be SEO-friendly on the backend to help you get found by customers!
Can You Rebuild an Existing Site?
Absolutely! We can do everything from add features to reimagine or refresh your design, no matter what vertical you’re in and who your target customer is.
Mobile Friendly? YES!
A website people can view on tablets and smartphones is not only good for your customers – search engines want to see this as well. A mobile redesign can help you increase your Google rankings or pay less in services like AdWords.
Can You Do Copy?
Yes! If you like, we can provide direction on copy or images – or just add them in for you!
Let’s stop talking and start designing – talk to us about your website needs – whether it’s an existing site or a redesign – and let’s get you started!

Our Web Design Process

1. Discover
It all starts with a simple ‘how’ and ‘why’. When it comes to design, the key to hit the bull’s eye is to understand the customer’s mindset. We believe in standing in our client’s shoes so as to gain an insight of the product and grasp the project specifications. Taking it from the core, we interview, streamline and analyze the user’s needs so as to drum up the figures as per the market metrics. Our breakthrough products and services will certainly help you in creating a rage in the competitive landscape.

2. Research & Strategy
A map always gives you direction. To head towards your design pathways, we draw upon a plan of action with proper documentation and systematic flowcharts so as to chalk out the dynamics of the brand as per the market forces. The infographics that serve as a raw take in creating brand value is the basic to striking a chord with the target audience. Our studio believes in crafting inspired and informed solutions that seeks answers to all the questions and even comes across as a milestone in the design realm. Focus being our forte, we weigh the scope on our analytics scale, conduct in-depth surveys and further ascertain the required software to make you shine with our different strokes!

3. Wireframe & Prototyping
Visions are stamped through outlines. In order to give the structure a layout, we draft detailed sketches that provide the information architecture for the website. With all the high fidelity wireframes designed in Axure, we take the page schematic process altogether to a new level. Further linking the templates and the navigation tools together, we make a workable dummy through prototypes that somewhat provides the bigger picture for the product. Prototypes are meant to engage and that’s the reason we make it a point to offer the most interactive and tappable ones in our platter. Now, didn’t we say we have the perfect recipe for your products.

4. Visual Design
Going with the app’s flow, we combine the designed screens in the final PSD’s to get all the UI elements together. With jpg visuals made in Photoshop for the final version, we keep an eye for detail when it comes to graphics or for that matter screens as well. Our in-house developers come as an additional package for your solutions.

5. Build
After laying the foundation through the bricks of design, we build the techie wall for the website through coding formats. Yes, now is the time to execute all our plans to give you a kick-ass product that provides an awesome user experience. In order to gear the technical march, we use HTML5 and CSS3 for the purpose of website building that ideally suits multiple operating environments. Examining all the pros and cons, we aspire to give an outcome that derives maximum satisfaction and is an out-and-out live version of the customer’s vision.

6. Test & Deploy
After the technical engines are fueled, the websites have to undergo testing and deployment so as to make them foolproof for the final showtime. Our studio uses advanced tools to check the compatibility on various browsers and devices. We make sure that the website is configured for the traffic so as to give you the most of the digital presence. Putting agile development in use, we keep the user feedback in loop and offer flexible changes in response to the latest developments. Adaptability- our agency knows the tricks, after all, it is the survival of the fittest

7. Improve & Support/Train
Technology is there to evolve. Upgrades come as a demand and make you pace ahead in your user experience. At SiteKitty Digital, we keep a tab on the degree of user experience as well as monitor the lead generation patterns through cutting-edge tools and trackers. Let us assist you in your business goals and help you create a brand to die for! Get ready to cast the success spell with us.

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