PPC Can Bring More Leads Into Your Business – Overnight

PPC (Pay Per Click) is INSTANT traffic.

Let’s say that again: INSTANT traffic.

Once you turn those Google or other search engine ads on, your customers start seeing you. The downside is, you may also start wasting money VERY quickly if a qualified pro hasn’t helped you put your account together.
So let us help! We’ve saved clients THOUSANDS of dollars in revenue on a monthly basis, and we manage over 2 million dollars in ad spend at the current time for clients large and small.
Here’s how it works:
  • We create a comprehensive marketing strategy based on the specific needs and goals of your business
  • We analyze your current marketing assets and change them to increase your Google Quality Score
  • Creation of highly specific, detailed ads and keyword clusters that save you money while targeting your most buy-ready customers
  • Consistently changing structure and strategy as needed to lower your cost per conversion and SAVE YOU MONEY.

Our PPC in Appleton gets the job done!

Are you tired of losing money on AdWords? Do you wish you could generate the positive results you’re sure other companies – even your competitors  – are generating?

We love doing PPC services in Appleton, WI because we’re a one-stop shop that’s completely client-focused. From custom landing pages, ad groups and tightly themed marketing assets that make your brand stand out, SiteKitty Digital is committed to getting you the conversions your business deserves as your preferred firm for PPC in Appleton.

Rather than wasting your hard-earned money on working with firms that don’t truly listen to your unique needs as a customer, let us take a look at your marketing materials, come up with a plan that will help us help you pay less for ads, then get your campaigns going! Dozens of companies trust us with their PPC for a reason: we get the job done, and we get those conversions in the door.

How Do You Come Up With the Strategy?
Everything in Google and other search engines works on an algorithm. We know specifically how to target certain keyword phrases and to create ads that won’t break the bank. This is especially true if you need to run ads at the local level. Highly targeted, local pay per click advertising can increase conversion rates by up to 500% within just a few weeks – for some clients, a matter of days.
Once we know more about you and about your business, we can figure out how to target PPC customers locally who are ready to purchase and use your services. And if they don’t commit quickly, we’ll help you put technologies in place that will snare them within days after their initial query.
What If My Website Needs Changed?
Google’s Quality Score metric determines what you’ll pay for your  ads – CLICK HERE and let’s chat more about that quality score metric for your business!
We are happy to make high-level recommendations that will improve quality score, or you can simply hire us to redesign a mobile-friendly website that will knock your customers’ – and Google’s – socks off. Easy peasy!
How Do You Know Who’s Buy Ready?
It’s really simple: We do the research. We talk to you about your business, your target area and your specific needs, but we do the heavy lifting. we have proprietary tools and methods that help us identify who your ideal customer is. We even have ways to bring in customers you may never have thought to target.
We Save You Money
AdWords, Facebook ads and similar networks are not one-time investments. Because you’re consistently cycling through their algorithms, you MUST know how to make changes that will reduce cost and increase conversions. Once we get you set up, that’s exactly what we do, from top to bottom. You can sit on the sidelines and watch while we make YOU cash and get customers in the door.
So What Are We Waiting For? Let’s Get Started!
We’d love to give you a TOTALLY FREE AdWords or other PPC audit or consultation. Let’s talk about your business and work together to get some leads in the door!

Our Process

  • Target Products/Services: Identify which products and services you are promoting
  • Target Markets: Identify our targets, both geographically and demographically
  • Messaging: What the message should be to attract the right audience
  • Types of ads to use: We want to use both the proven ad types along with ads offering newer features designed to create a higher conversion rate.
  • Landing page review: We carefully review the landing pages to be sure they tie into the keywords and the ads to achieve a high conversion rate
  • Keyword research: Methodically we’ll research and discover the best keywords and match-types to use for each campaign
  • Campaign Structures: Based on the overall campaign goals we’ll lay-out the best campaign structure to offer budget flexibility and sound reporting and back-end controls
  • Phone calls: We find many of the campaigns we run for clients generate phone calls. We’ll work with you to decide the best way to integrate this into your campaigns…and track them
  • Tracking: Tracking is critical. To optimize towards the best ROI for your PPC campaign we’ll work with you to have tracking ready before the campaign launches
  • Goal creation: Once the tracking code is ready we need to be sure to track through goal creations the conversions and even partial conversions
  • Optimize: We continually optimize campaigns for best campaigns, adgroups, keywords, ads and placements
  • Reporting: Since you are important, so is the reporting we create for you. Our reporting is customizable to meet your needs
    Analysis: We carefully analyze your reports and make recommendations for any changes

25 Point Weekly AdWords Management Checklist

Our Google AdWords Account Managers make changes in your AdWords account on a weekly basis.  Below is our 25 point checklist for account management. We take action on all necessary tasks, but not all tasks will require an action on a weekly basis.

Category Task
Account Wide Address relevant Google alerts.
Account Wide Investigate any dramatic drops in impressions, clicks, position, etc.
Settings Review Search Partners’ performance and disable if not performing well.
Budget Analyze budget pacing for remainder of the month.
Budget Check prior 7 day budget.
Budget Impressions share analysis.
Keywords Review top performing keywords.
Keywords Review top spending keywords.
Keywords Pause poor performing keywords.
Keywords Deduplicate keywords.
Keywords Add long tail keyword phrases from the search query report.
Keywords Drop bids on high spending, non-converting, high positioned keywords.
Keywords Increase bids on good quality, high ROAS keywords.
Keywords Research and apply negative keywords.
Bids Identify opportunities to reduce costs.
Bids Compare and analyze average positions and CPCs.
Bids Adjust bids on low position, low-quality score keywords.
Bids Evaluate mobile bid performance, and adjust modifier up or down accordingly.
Bids Evaluate location bid modifiers if present, and adjust modifier up or down accordingly.
Ad Copy Adjust ad copy on low position, low quality score keywords.
Ad Copy Test new ad copy/ad groups on low position, low quality score keywords.
Ad Copy Review ad copy tests that have collected adequate data, and pause non-performers. (always ensure at least two ads per ad group are live, though)
Ad Copy Write new ad copy variations where needed.
Ad Copy Build out new ad groups based on high converting search terms as needed. (in terms of not being met by exisiting ad copy).
Placements Review placement report for non-performing, high-spending placements to be excluded.

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