So Google wants to audit your account. Heck, they may even want to build your account.

Great, you think! Awesome. They’re going to optimize everything and set it up so I have maximum success, right?

Well, maybe – but one thing’s for sure – regardless of their intentions, Google AT MINIMUM wants to make sure they’re making the maximum amount of money they can. if they have their hands in your pockets, they succeed. But you? Not necessarily.

Many people either put their AdWords on autopilot, or straight up spray-and-pray. Then there are those of us who go ahead and let Google do it for us – then never make the effort to see just how much money we’re spending. “Set it and forget it” works for some people, but the long game always costs you more money at the end of the day.

If Google sets up an account for you, that’s fine – but MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A CONSULTANT AUDIT IT before you get too far into running it. We can do that for you!

There are plenty of reasons you want to never let Google build your account out for you, but keep in mind they DO give some good advice from time to time – so it’s definitely worth letting them guide you through some things, then taking those points of guidance by a qualified expert (like us!) to suss out your possibility of success. When you work with someone like us, you can make sure that a qualified pro is staying on top of policy changes that could come back to haunt you. For instance, if you’re an affiliate marketer and you ran ads through Google a few years ago, you may have lost your account overnight. Folks like us can see this kind of thing coming and help coach you to the other side of it. There are still industries Google “frowns open” that it’s lax in terms of shutting down ads for, so if you’re in one of these industries, watch out!

Another thing to watch out for is positioning. Google AdWords will often auction you to the very top position, where you don’t necessarily need to be – and it’s possible that the bulk of your traffic will click on positions under the top one (2, 3, 4, for instance). Because Google bids you to the top to make sure you’re spending the max amount of money, you could be losing out on revenue opportunities at the top – not a worthwhile proposition for you.

These are just a couple examples. In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out more blogs on this topic. Until then, your best bet is to let us take a look at your AdWords account if Google’s proposed changes. We’ll be glad to tell you if you’re spending unnecessary cash!