If you have any experience with business then you know that businesses are kept alive by bringing in prospects and converting them into clients. This is true of every kind of business there is including plumbers.

Great ways to grow your business offline and build up authority and respect is earning referrals, networking on the local level and public speaking. You should never stop promoting yourself locally and, if you aren’t doing it yet, you really need to get started.

If you’re looking to take things up to the next level and you already use an automated system to bring in the locals then you’ll find the following information very beneficial. I’d like to use a case study to show you how our company can automatically provide plumbers across the US get more customers.

Before that though we need something from you. We don’t take on just anyone after all. We only deal with plumbers who meet the following requirements.

  1. You’ve got some pretty lofty goals and dreams to grow the business and expand beyond just a single practitioner shop. You’ll find our help a great boost even if you’re just getting started too though.
  2. You’ve already tried experimenting with online marketing, have your own website with branding material, but you’ve not seen much Return on Investment out of it. We can still work with you even if you’ve not tried much online marketing but things progress faster if you’ve already got a website and a logo.
  3. You’ve got someone on staff who can answer the phone and get potential clients to take the next step and actually set up consultations with you. We can also help you out with sales training if you need it but, again, things are much easier if you’ve got the skills to close already. We can also set up call tracking so that you can record calls and keep track of them to ensure your staff are handling the calls as best as they can.


If you follow those criteria then we can do business together.

So now it’s finally time to look at how all of this works:


  1. For Plumbers, We Use Google Paid Advertising Rather than SEO or Facebook

We use paid advertising because we find it gets better results for plumbers. It’s harder and harder to make a local website reach the top of the rankings in Google and it’s not hard to see why. Google is a business themselves and they need to make money. Almost all of their money comes from paid advertising so they have a vested interest in getting people to pay for ads over trying to get top in the rankings.

Ads Only

When someone searches for a business on Google using their phone almost the entire first page is ads and Google Maps listings. Are you even on Google Maps and do you have reviews? If not then we can also help you set this up and get started. It’ll mean even more business comes your way.

Not Facebook

  1. Our Advertisements Work and Bring in the Clicks

If someone was to search on Google for the specific keywords “plumber near me” or “Local plumber Goshen NY” (or wherever you are) then we would ensure that an advert for your business was the top of the first page of results. We word our ads carefully so that they are clear and concise and include a dedicated Call to Action. A Call to Action encourages readers to do something. You’d be surprised at how much that works and how badly copies without a CTA perform. We don’t make that mistake. The call to action be as simple as telling people to schedule an appointment now but it works.

plumber stats

I’d pay $9.81 for every new clients all day long!

  1. We Create Landing Pages that Convert Visitors into Customers With High Conversion Rates

When someone opens up your ad they are directed to a landing page. The landing page is a little different from your actual website. The landing page is designed to convert people who click the ad into people who will pick up the phone or send you an email to book an appointment.

The best landing pages have high conversion rates and they aren’t terribly complicated to set up. In fact, we take care of all that for you. We can also use your logo and information to make it specific to your business as well as include testimonials to boost the conversion rate even higher. If someone hears that something worked for someone else they will be less apprehensive about trying it themselves.

Skipping the landing page and sending people from an ad directly to your homepage will doom your AdWords campaign to FAILURE! Harsh but we swear it’s true.


  1. We Monitor Everything

Not only do we set everything up but we also monitor how it’s all performing. That way you can tell for sure that we’ve increased your business and you can see the results for yourself. It also means that, should something go wrong, we can adjust and adapt and make sure it works in the future.

case study outcomes

  1. With Call Tracking You can Record all the Calls Your Office Receives

We can set up a call tracking system and provide you with the login details so that you can ensure your people answer calls and convert people into customers.


Would you like to bring in more customers to your business?

Do you need more phone calls and booked appointments?

Do you need to grow your business on Autopilot?


Then let’s discuss where you can go from here. Book a call with me here and let’s get started:

If you’ve already got a Google AdWords campaign and it’s not working out well for you then we can also Audit your AdWords account 100% FREE and see what needs to be done.

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On average we find that about 30% of the money people spend on AdWords is wasted money. So an Audit of your account can turn your wasted money into a profitable campaign that really works.

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We look forward to hearing from you!

The SiteKitty Digital Team