$1,200,000 per month…more on that later.

At the time we’d never worked with an attorney. Many other service businesses, but at the time no attorneys.

So when an attorney first approached us to generate leads we agreed to give it a trial run.

In theory lead gen for attorneys should be fairly similar to other industries. In practice we found something different.

Nobody really wants to hire an attorney. Harsh, but true.

People want the end result that an attorney provides. Getting that divorce. Getting a personal injury settlement. Getting them from their current state to their desired future state.

People’s ‘need’ and perception of attorney services is different. So we need to market your practice differently.

If you want to skip the “how-to” and just get us to implement this for you, click here now.

1. Benefits, Benefits, Benefits

Remember when I said nobody really wants to hire an attorney, they just want the end result? That’s still true.

Most attorneys 100% ignore this on their websites. They talk about the 10 different areas of law they practice, how amazing they were in college and on and on and on.

None of this does you any favors in educating a prospect on why they would choose to hire you over any of the other dozens of attorneys in town.

Once again, people only care about themselves. Specifically how you can best help them from the current undesired state to their desired future state. e.g. unhappily married to ‘happily’ divorced.

For a marketing campaign to be successful it must have focus.

Pick one area of law for this first campaign. It can be your favorite, most profitable, etc. You decide how to decide, but you MUST decide.

Fear not, we’re not abandoning the other areas of law you practice, simply saving them for a future marketing campaign.

Let’s say you’re big into family law, probate, guardianship and bankruptcy.

What problems does your practicing of family law do for consumers?

  • Divorce needed
  • Help getting child support money
  • Help me adopt a child
  • My ex won’t let me see my kids!

This list can go on and on but these are just a few examples of how awesome it can be to pick a niche and then brainstorm all the problems you can help with.

This strategy can 10x your marketing campaign.


2. Attract Red Hot Leads

Bear with me if you’ve heard this one before…

Google is without question the #1 way to find red hot prospects who need your legal services now.

Stick with me…

I’ve talked to many attorneys who have tried Google ads before and for a variety of reasons were unsuccessful. Just because it didn’t work last time doesn’t mean it won’t work this time.

Last you didn’t have this laser-focused client getting Google ad strategy. Now you do.

Let’s say I was just in a car accident and immediately hopped out to Google and began searching for help.

The first ad I see looks like this:


What’s so bad about this ad? It looks like a lot of other attorney ads you see.

It states “Appleton Injury Law. Skilled Personal Injury Attorneys. We fight to win. Call us today!”

For starters, I wasn’t looking for an injury attorney. I was looking for help with my car accident.

Yes, I’m well aware that injury attorneys help with car accidents, but this ad focuses on the attorney and what they can do. It completely neglects my self-centered focus on my own problems.

I will best respond to ad that speaks my language. An ad that is laser-focused on the problem I’m experiencing right now.

There are several other issues with the ad. Those should be apparent after we walk through a good ad next.


Night and day difference.

I was in a car accident and the ad was about…wait for it…a car accident attorney!

Again, laser focus wins every time.

You can’t assume people would think an injury attorney can help with a car accident.

Maybe the person doesn’t (think) they have an injury (yet).

The ad also includes a nearby city, Appleton which is also great to let me know I won’t need to drive far to work with this firm.

“100% Free Evaluation. Call our experienced attorneys now.” –  This tells me another thing not everyone knows. That the first meeting with this attorney would be free. I’ve heard as many as 50% of people don’t know this.

“Free Consultations. Listed in Best Lawyers. Millions recovered. 24/7 Live Chat.” – More great stuff here. Another reminder that I can talk to an attorney for free. Listed in Best Lawyers…clearly these attorneys are highly rated. Millions recovered…again these attorneys have a track record of success…maybe they can do the same for me. 24/7 live chat is a nice feature to get the prospect to take action towards work with this firm asap.

Services: I’m not in love with this section they could have stopped at car and truck accident and been much more effective.

Links: Using the 4 available links Google offers you is a must. This makes your ad bigger and more likely to get clicked on and also gives you more opportunity to use related search terms in your ad.

Address: This is highly effective for a couple reasons. 1. it again tells me that you’re near me. I can easily click the address and see exactly how far you are from my home. 2. It makes your ad bigger and more likely to get clicked.

Hours: Good to see the hours so I can decide when I’m going to contact this firm depending on whether I prefer phone, chat, or contact form.


Super Secret Tip: The best placement for your Google ad is position 4. With a good, benefit-focused ad, you can get MUCH more bang for your buck than position #1.

The ad below is just ok, but the #4 position is ideal.

If you’d like my team to implement this for you then schedule a consultation here.

3. Convert more website visitors into leads with our proven, high-converting template.

We’ve spent countless hours testing, tweaking, etc.

FINALLY we have a proven, high-converting template. (A conversion simply means that the web page visitor did what you wanted them to do. e.g. Fill out the contact form.)

Our template is in the form of what’s called a landing page.

A landing page is a specially created page within your website. It only talks about the 1 area of law you chose back in step 2. The ONLY goal of the landing page is to convert visitors into leads for your firm. Either by calling the listed phone number or by filling out the contact form.

The idea is to gave a landing page visitor just enough info to prove that you are the best fit to solve their problem and then of course guide them to contacting you.

The landing page will be void of any links other than what is required to keep Google happy.

But I just spent $XXXXX on a new website! I’m sure your new website looks quite nice, but is it optimized for conversions? Probably not.

Here’s an example of one of our proven, high-converting landing pages:

Going from sending ad clicks to your website and then changing and sending to a high-converting landing page can DOUBLE your conversions.

Imagine that, twice as many leads with the same amount of ad spend.

You could just have us to do all of this for you. Click here for a consultation.

4. Don’t Fly Blind!

If you don’t know which keywords and ads are bringing you CONVERSIONS then you are flying blind!

You should track all conversion on your landing page to know which ad & keyword provided you with this lead.

Conversion Tracking: This part is a bit technical.

Here’s how to get the get the conversion tracking code from Google

  1. Login into AdWords
  2. Click Tools
  3. Click Conversions
  4. Click + Conversion
  5. Click Webpage conversion
  6. Select don’t assign a value
  7. Select category lead
  8. Copy the code provided
  9. Insert the code into your landing page’s Thank You Page. This counts a conversion upon someone seeing the thankyou page after they fill out your contact form. Just seeing the landing page doesn’t count for anything. We only care about conversions.

So far we’re only tracking leads that came in from your landing page’s contact form.

You should also be tracking leads that come in via a phone call.

Essentially you replace your usual phone number on your landing page with, you guessed it, more code from Google. This code dynamically inserts a new phone number on your landing page.

When someone views your landing page and calls this dynamically generated number it will be counted as a conversion which is then tracked back to a specific ad and keyword..


Note: setting up call tracking is beyond the scope of this article.

5. Most People Will Leave

Brilliant digital marketers and the attorneys who hire them will do everything mentioned up to this point…and their practices will thrive because of it.

Lets face it, most attorneys will read this, get busy with something else like oh I don’t know, practicing law. Then come January 1 wish they had hired someone to take action on this stuff. So if you do take action now you’ll be miles ahead of most other attorneys.

Have you ever been interrupted while working on your laptop at home? The answer is likely a resounding YES.

Well if you’ve ever been interrupted while browsing Amazon and then later saw the same 80″ 4K OLED TV you were droooling over in an ad on Facebook….congrats you were retargeted by Amazon.

Your law practice can do something similar.


So someone clicked your ad, arrived at your landing page and then for whatever reason, didn’t convert into a lead for you.

Here’s how to solve that.

Setup what’s called (retargeting or remarketing)

Upon visiting your landing page we can make note that they visited your landing page and then present them with an ad for related info about their legal problem.

Here’s a more finite example:

  1. Someone searches Google for “personal injury attorney chicago”
  2. They click your ad and arrive at your landing page
  3. They start to read your landing page, but the phone rings, or the baby cries, or their spouse comes home, or they have to go to the bathroom.
  4. The reason doesn’t matter. The point is they left your landing page without converting.
  5. The next day they are on Facebook and see an ad about “The top 7 things you must know when in a car accident”

Chances are they’re going to click this ad because it is directly related to what they were just searching for.

Now this article needs to be helpful in solving their problem. Not a blatant sales pitch!

You can present your retargeted landing page visitors with different/additional ads/articles for days, weeks, even months into the future to help educate and ultimately convince them to hire you.

Keep in mind the amount of time someone might need to make a decision about whether or not to hire an attorney for a particular niche of the law.

e.g. Typically a DUI is more of an urgent matter than a child adoption.

But There’s An Issue With This Approach Too

Retargeting is great and can be immensely helpful in converting more landing page visitors into leads, but…

As I mentioned back in step 3, typically your website, no matter how fancy isn’t optimized for conversions. So retargeted prospects will click your retargeting ad and be taken to your unoptimized website to read the article.

A website that isn’t designed properly to attract and convert can cost you potentially hundreds of thousands dollars per year.


Seriously, we can do this for you and you can get back to practicing law.

Alex Nelson

Alex Nelson

CEO & Founder

SiteKitty Digital is a certified Google AdWords partner. At the time of this article our team was managing $1,200,000 in ad spend per month.

We’d love the opportunity to help your practice succeed with Google AdWords.