We understand hiring a digital marketing agency is time-consuming. We put together a list of frequently asked questions to save you some time.
How does your pricing work?

We work on a number of pricing models dependent on size of the work and needs of your business. A few are:

  • Monthly retainer fee. The client pays us an agreed amount for services rendered that month.
  • Hourly fee. The client pays one of our consultants an agreed hourly fee for services rendered.
  • Training or event fee. The client pays us an agreed upon amount for a 1 time training, speaking engagement or seminar.

Our most common is monthly retainer.

How do you determine pricing?

We look at the level of competition in your vertical and effort needed from our team to achieve your marketing goals. We then base the level of effort on our hourly fee and calculate a retainer cost.

Do you have a monthly minimum?

Not at this time.

Our hourly consulting rate ranges from $75 – $100 per hour.

Do you use contracts?

No, we’re not your cellphone company. We believe in providing you such great service that you choose to continue doing business with us.

How do paid advertising payments work?

You pay us directly for the management services.

Payments for ad spend are made directly to Google, Facebook, etc.

Is your staff local?

Yes and no. A few of us are based in Wisconsin, a few elsewhere in the United States and a few specialty folks reside overseas.