Who Doesn’t Like Free Money?

Hi friend,

I hope you’re having a fantastic week so far.  I come to you today with a truly incredible announcement:

Beginning today and continuing through to the end of the year, we are WAIVING both onboarding fees and first month’s management fees for ALL new Adwords clients.

You read that correctly.  For Adwords clients brought on and set live between today and December 31, 2016 (or until our cap is reached, whichever comes first), you will pay $0 in onboarding fees and $0 for the first month’s management fee.

Think of it as our holiday gift to you, a few weeks early.

“Ok, but there has to be a catch, right?”

There are really only three “rules” here.  And they are:

1) Your monthly budget must be $2,500 or greater to take advantage of this promotion.

2) You must agree to a 3-month minimum term. Nothing new here…we only partner with those looking for a long term relationship

3) You must “go live” with us on or before 1 January 2017.