Hi, we’re SiteKitty Digital.

We craft words. And we do it well.

But we’re fed up with professional copywriters charging $5,000 for writing copy that doesn’t convert.

So, we created a proven 5-Step Process, designed to put your marketing message in front of the right people.
All day. Everyday.

You get the reaction – and the response – that your message deserves.
On time. Every time.

Just last week we wrote an ad for a client – aimed at attracting B2B clients offering a B2C service.

Did it convert?
$20,000 in fee income in the 1st 5 days. And it’s still converting today.
And it didn’t cost our client $5,000 either.

It’s what we do. And we do it well…

Wrote a 45-minute webinar after that.
Inviting professionals to a live 3-day event.
That client reported yesterday “Pretty solid interaction on the new webinar….”

And it didn’t cost him $5,000 either…. Just saying!

So, when you’re at a loss and need to get your message in front of the right audience using the right media, come looking for us.

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