Every Business is looking for that  ONE SOLUTION that will turn on their “cash switch”.

Hello there – we’re your cash switch. Our marketing systems create revenue, not roadblocks.

What is Our Cash Switch?

You’re not going to believe how easy it is until you hear about it. We create income opportunities for businesses that utilize common marketing techniques you might have heard of – but it’s the HOW that sets us apart. Our systems are built to create small to medium sized business verticals massive opportunity through VERY specific, VERY measured avatar targeting. Other businesses fail across verticals because they aren’t ready to focus on who truly matters: YOUR CUSTOMERS.

This is how we do it:
• Full site analysis
• Avatar creation (and we’re not talking about the movie here!)
• Nailing what customers most love about YOUR brand
• Creating a sales funnel as needed
• Automating everything so it’s no fuss

• Budget-focused efforts
• Tight tracking
• Marketing to your content
• Traffic flow and Search Engine Optimization
• Remarketing as needed


1. Analysis.

Deep Dive into your numbers. This is important because missing things in Analytics = missed opportunities. The data should ALWAYS drive decisions. Any marketer who works on “hunches” – you can be assured they have a “hunch” they’ll make you money because their leanings aren’t based on solid metrics and verifiable data What marketing is best for you? How will you know unless you know what your competitors are doing, what’s worked for you in the past and what has the best chances for ROI? Setting up a plan allows you to put things on a timeline.
2. The Map
Very similar to a ”treasure map” because we are going for the gold! Solid Plan As and Plan Bs laid out with measurable benchmarks and a POA for actionable results We’ll give you the info, but you NEED us to implement us because we have our own magic ways of making this work.
3. Execution
This one is really self-explanatory. We execute to deadlines and are 100% accountable so you know exactly when and what to expect. This is a UNIQUE plan with UNIQUE value – individually tailored to your business.
Constant tweaking managing to a core ROI. We get your CPA down further and further and further. Once we’re successful, we move on to the next success. It’s all science and it’s all data. There’s no mystery here.

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Our Work

Here’s a few of our favorite projects to check out. We’re adding new examples all the time – we can’t wait to make you our latest case study!

“I wouldn’t spend a $ on digital marketing without going through you (SiteKitty Digital)…otherwise it’s just a waste..”

Ellen Bogard | Partner

“Dude, your services are awesome. With your help my business is now on the right track. Thank you! I am now your customer for life. ”

John March | CEO, D.S. Pastels

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