Cash Switch System Application

As you can imagine, we get hundreds of applications and we can’t have strategy calls with everyone. Based on your application, if we feel that we can truly give you valuable advice, then we will reach out by email to schedule a time for a strategy call.

I wouldn’t spend a $ on digital marketing without going through you (SiteKitty Digital)…otherwise it’s just a waste.

Ellen Bogard


Great company to work with! I appreciated their approach of evaluating our website and online presence and then coming up with a plan to make it better and more effective. I simply don’t have the time to learn SEO and Google Adwords while doing all that running our business entails. I appreciate having Alex and his team as part of our team in assisting us with our web presence and online marketing! It’s also nice to have someone competent in Online Marketing and Social Media Marketing who’s willing to explain the process in simple terms. I also appreciate that they are able to track the progress we’re making with our campaigns and online marketing. This is a huge improvement over what I’ve worked with in the past, and it really makes the process much more transparent. I look at Online Marketing Services like Car Mechanics. There are a lot out there and everyone appreciates the honest ones who do great work and don’t over charge you. SiteKitty is the Online Marketing version of a great mechanic who you can trust to do the work, do it right, and charge you a reasonable amount for the work accomplished.

Timothy Cole


Alex is incredibly smart and always is able to develop a digital solution that solves any challenge. He’s been a great resource to have as he’s always researching the latest trends and technologies.

Emily Anderson


Excellent service from this company. A great return on investment now that I’m getting much more visitors to my website.

Bernard Mudafort