28% of AdWords ad spend is wasted on average

What’s hiding in your campaigns?

"Love does much, but money does all."

French Proverb

Meet Your AdWords Audit Experts

The SiteKitty Digital team has conducted over 400 AdWords audits and saved our clients hundreds of thousands in monthly ad spend.

With all of that experience under their belts, our AdWords audit experts will quickly dig into your account and identify what’s working, what isn’t and—most importantly—opportunities for you to make more money.

What You’ll Get from Your FREE AdWords Audit

Our AdWords evaluation process focuses on identifying the problems and opportunities that matter most to your bottom line.

Our AdWords audit experts rigorously review every aspect of your account to generate a 24-point report that includes:

At the end of our audit, you’ll know exactly where your AdWords account is succeeding, where things can be improved, and how specific changes will impact account performance.

Our typical audit reveals 28% of your ad spend is being wasted. What will we find in your account?

Take your AdWords campaigns to the next level.

Get the Facts

At Sitekitty Digital, we believe that you have a right to know what is happening in your AdWords campaigns. It’s your money and your campaigns, after all.

Over the course of thousands of AdWords audits, here are some of the things we’ve learned:

   • 81% of AdWords campaigns never produce a positive ROI

   • 12% of your keywords produce all of your conversions

   • Only 10% of AdWords accounts are optimized every week

Odds are, your AdWords account is probably struggling with these or one of the many other account management problems we frequently encounter…and it’s costing you thousands

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