LinkedIn…li for accountants

All the gurus are telling accountants and bookkeepers that LinkedIn is THE place to get clients.

Maybe they’re right…and I just saved you upwards of $5,000.

You’re welcome 🙂

But the fact is that LinkedIn prospecting is a glorified version of cold calling, cold emailing or even door knocking.

Maybe you love the challenge, the chase and the numbers game of chasing down prospects, anxiously trying to develop good rapport, and then building a relationship in the hopes that they choose you out of a sea of other accountants and bookkeepers.

I’m EXHAUSTED just thinking about it.

There is a better way…

And it does not require LinkedIn.

In the past week we’ve had 3 accountants coming running to us because the LinkedIn approach didn’t work for them.

We train smart accountants and bookkeepers

  • How to position your business for success
  • How to craft a compelling message aimed at your ideal client
  • And how to systematically get clients chasing after you, on your terms, not theirs.

Don’t take my word for it!

Check out our website & see what our clients have to say:

(You can even apply to work with me:

Or you can just keep on knocking on all those cold, hard doors, praying for one of them to swing open.

To your success!