Our Google AdWords Account Managers make changes in your AdWords account on a weekly basis.  Below is our 25 point checklist for account management. We take action on all necessary tasks, but not all tasks will require an action on a weekly basis.

Category Task
Account Wide Address relevant Google alerts.
Account Wide Investigate any dramatic drops in impressions, clicks, position, etc.
Settings Review Search Partners’ performance and disable if not performing well.
Budget Analyze budget pacing for remainder of the month.
Budget Check prior 7 day budget.
Budget Impressions share analysis.
Keywords Review top performing keywords.
Keywords Review top spending keywords.
Keywords Pause poor performing keywords.
Keywords Deduplicate keywords.
Keywords Add long tail keyword phrases from the search query report.
Keywords Drop bids on high spending, non-converting, high positioned keywords.
Keywords Increase bids on good quality, high ROAS keywords.
Keywords Research and apply negative keywords.
Bids Identify opportunities to reduce costs.
Bids Compare and analyze average positions and CPCs.
Bids Adjust bids on low position, low-quality score keywords.
Bids Evaluate mobile bid performance, and adjust modifier up or down accordingly.
Bids Evaluate location bid modifiers if present, and adjust modifier up or down accordingly.
Ad Copy Adjust ad copy on low position, low quality score keywords.
Ad Copy Test new ad copy/ad groups on low position, low quality score keywords.
Ad Copy Review ad copy tests that have collected adequate data, and pause non-performers. (always ensure at least two ads per ad group are live, though)
Ad Copy Write new ad copy variations where needed.
Ad Copy Build out new ad groups based on high converting search terms as needed. (in terms of not being met by exisiting ad copy).
Placements Review placement report for non-performing, high-spending placements to be excluded.